Salo Reviews

"Sounding like the entirety of The Young Knives back catalogue compressed into five minutes and eight seconds, 'Salo' is a very solid debut. Nicholson's lackadaisical vocals combine perfectly with the punchy guitar and bass riffs for a wholly enjoyable track."Artrocker 

"Five minutes of drama, arched vocals and carefully designed guitars. Excellent song" SupaJam

"Salo is a taster of the intellectual pop-rock that Oxford Style creates...a pounding beat, heavy guitar riffs mixed with bold vocals" Mistree Magazine

"This is one solid introduction and one hell of a song from Oxford Style. If they continue to deliver material that's as buttkicking and catchy as Salo then I think I might have a new favourite artist"Exploding Head Syndrome

"With its almost formal vocal delivery, doomy synths, hefty guitar riffs and shift in style and tone towards the end...I absolutely love it. Single of the Week" The Digital Fix

Halcyon Days Reviews

"Like a classical music Gary you'll love when alone" SupaJam

"Oxford Style continue their fine work with 'Halcyon Days', another wonderfully downbeat piece of art-pop" The Digital Fix


"Style in music, a good turn of phrase with inimitable humour, impressive melodies...Isn't that what good music is about?" Rock Britain